Car Camera Full HD Video

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Car Camera Full HD Video Recorder 1080P 3 Channel Dash Cam Three Lens with Rear View DVR Parking Monitor Black Box 3 Channel Car DVR HD 1080P 3-Lens Inside Vehicle Dash Cam Three Way Camera DVRs Recorder Video Registrator Dashcam Camcorder

Car Camera Full HD Video Recorder 1080P 3 Channel Dash Cam Three Lens with Rear View DVR Parking Monitor Black Box

The Car Camera Full HD Video Recorder 1080P 3 Channel Dash Cam is a sophisticated in-car camera system designed to enhance driving safety and security. This system includes three lenses for comprehensive coverage and various features to aid in recording and monitoring driving events.

Key Features

  1. Three Lenses:

    • Front Camera: Captures the road ahead in Full HD 1080P resolution.
    • Interior Camera: Records the inside of the car, useful for monitoring passengers or ride-sharing purposes.
    • Rear Camera: Provides a clear view of the road behind, which is beneficial for reversing and parking.
  2. Full HD Video:

    • Records at 1080P resolution, ensuring clear and detailed footage.
    • Some models might offer higher resolutions for the front camera, such as 1440P or even 4K.
  3. Wide-Angle Lenses:

    • Typically, each lens offers a wide viewing angle (e.g., 120° to 170°), maximizing the field of view and reducing blind spots.
  4. Parking Monitor:

    • The dash cam continues to monitor the surroundings of your car even when the vehicle is parked.
    • It can detect motion or impacts and start recording automatically to capture any incidents.
  5. Loop Recording:

    • Continuously records video, with the oldest footage being overwritten by new recordings when the memory card is full.
    • Ensures continuous recording without the need to manually delete old files.
  6. G-Sensor:

    • Detects sudden movements or collisions and automatically locks the recorded footage to prevent it from being overwritten.
    • Essential for preserving evidence in the event of an accident.
  7. Night Vision:

    • Equipped with infrared LEDs or other night vision technology to record clear footage in low-light conditions.
  8. Built-In Display:

    • Features an LCD screen (size varies) for live viewing, playback, and menu navigation.
  9. GPS Tracking (optional):

    • Some models include GPS to log the vehicle’s speed and location alongside the video footage.
  10. Easy Installation:

    • Designed for simple setup, typically attaching to the windshield or dashboard with adhesive mounts or suction cups.
    • The rear camera is often wired to the main unit, while some models may offer wireless connectivity.


  • Enhanced Safety: Provides evidence in case of accidents or disputes, potentially aiding in insurance claims.
  • Monitoring: Useful for ride-share drivers or parents to monitor the interior of the vehicle.
  • Parking Security: Records incidents while parked, helping to capture hit-and-run events or vandalism.
  • Peace of Mind: Continuous recording ensures that all driving events are captured, offering reassurance to drivers.

How to Use

  1. Install the Dash Cam:

    • Attach the front camera to the windshield using the provided mount.
    • Position the interior camera to cover the car’s interior.
    • Mount the rear camera on the rear windshield or bumper.
    • Connect the cameras to the main unit and the power source (usually the car’s cigarette lighter or fuse box).
  2. Configure Settings:

    • Set up the date and time, video resolution, loop recording duration, and other preferences via the on-screen menu.
  3. Start Recording:

    • The dash cam will typically start recording automatically when the car is turned on.
    • Review footage directly on the device’s screen or transfer it to a computer using the memory card.


  • Resolution: 1080P for front, interior, and rear cameras.
  • Screen Size: 3-inch LCD.
  • Memory: Supports microSD cards up to 128GB (32GB MicroSD card included).
  • Power Supply: Powered via car’s 12V outlet or hardwired for parking mode.

This type of dash cam offers comprehensive video recording capabilities to ensure you capture all critical moments on the road and while parked.

Package Included:
1- Dashcam
1- Power cable
1- car charger
1-32GB MicroSD
1- Use manual(English manual)
30 days money back guarantee
Royal mail 24hr tracked
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